November 30, 2021

Make Rudolph, our log and stick reindeer

Katie and Gene Hamilton

Bring Binocular News

Follow these easy directions to make a log and stick reindeer, a Holiday craft project

Let us introduce Rudolph, our log and stick reindeer who resides at our home every holiday. He’s designed for an adult and child to make together using material from Mother Nature. Rudolph appears in our book, Build It Together published in 1994 by Stackpole Books. Our log and stick reindeer plan and instructions continues to be used by countless parents and kids, scout groups and community centers. Here’s the link to Build a log and stick reindeer.

Easy directions to make a log and stick reindeer

Follow this link and find everything you need to build your own reindeer: an illustrated building plan, instructions and a shopping and cutting list of the materials.

Rudolph continues to appear every holiday season at our house, sometimes at the front door, other times peering inside from the patio. This year he’s out in the yard sporting a new pair of binoculars. (Is he looking for Santa?)

We hope you’ll enjoy making your own reindeer and if you do, please email us a picture because we’d love see what you created.

Happy holidays!

Gene and Katie

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November 30, 2021