November 27, 2023

Build a Birdhouse

Katie and Gene Hamilton

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It’s fun and easy to make a backyard habitat for your feathered friends

Here’s a project for anyone to build and provide a backyard habitat for feathered friends. This $30 birdhouse kit came with all the wooden parts cut and ready to be assembled so all you have to do is put the pieces together. Build a bird house kit and invite local birds to build a nest and stay awhile in your yard. You’ll enjoy watching them when they become your favorite neighbors. The kit is easy to assemble even for a young child with proper help from and adult. Patience is the key here: go slowly even though kids like to get things done ASAP. Build a birdhouse kit and make a backyard bird habitat in your yard.

Warning: The nail heads can scratch a table top unless they are completely flush with the bird house wood. If you are assembling the birdhouse on the kitchen table like we did place some protection on the table like a large sheet of cardboard.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Sand the pieces of wood by following the grain of the wood.

Step 2. Use a hammer to nail the bottom piece to the back piece.

Step 3. Nail the bottom to the side 1 with two nails, then do the same with side 2.

Step 4. Nail the back piece to both side 1 and side 2.

Step 5. With 6 nails attach the bottom to the sides and back.

Step 6. Use 4 nails to attack the short roof piece and line it with the top of the side pieces. Then add the two second roof piece,s making sure the overhang is over the front. Then use 2 nails to attach the top of the roof to the other side and install another nail to attach the roof to the front and rear ends.

We found some general advice about building a birdhouse with some custom details at

  • The best design for a birdhouse has a sloped roof, recessed floor with at least 4 drainage holes, ventilation holes, and is made of untreated wood, with galvanized screws or nails.
  • For the fledglings, add rough interior wall surfaces below the entrance hole, and create horizontal cuts (like a ladder) so little ones can climb out.
  • To deter predators, add a 3-in metal collar or stove pipe or wire.
  • If mounting on a tree or post, pre-drill mounting holes in back panel.
  • To maintain a birdhouse, make one side hinged or easy to remove for monitoring and cleaning the box.
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Gene and Katie Hamilton are bird watchers who attend birding festivals and events and write about the wonders of the birding world. They are members of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

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