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Thursday, Oct 5  We’re looking forward to participating in the Delmarva Birding Festival early in the month to see seabirds and waterfowl at the Dupont Nature Center in Milford on lower Delaware Bay. Monday Oct 9  Columbus Day and/or Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Thanksgiving Day in Canada In the past the second Monday of October has […]

Solar Filters

Take a step further observing the sun by adding solar filters to your binoculars. Observing the sun is an “afternoon delight” an ideal pastime for those of us who have difficulty staying awake late into the evening. Since the sun is earth’s nearest star, it’s just waiting to be explored. Stroll outside on any sunny […]

Choosing a tripod

Features we look for in a tripod are being lightweight, stable and easy to adapt If you’re considering a new tripod, we encourage you to choose one that offers more than just support for your optics, camera or video camera. We just received a new and very versatile tripod from Vanguard. Over the years we’ […]

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2023 Star Parties

Find a star party in the U.S. with dark skies and stargazers who enjoy setting up a telescope or binoculars to take in the universe. Use this listing of 2023 star parties to find a star party near you.     FEBRUARY February 13-19  Winter Star Party West Summerland Key, FL APRIL April 19-22  Mid-South […]

Road Trip

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