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Choosing Compact Travel Binoculars
Choosing Binoculars for Bird Watching
Choosing Binoculars for Boating


May 9, 2022
Circumnavigating the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada
April 25, 2022
Cruising from Manhattan to West Point with NJ Palisades as a backdrop
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July 8, 2023
Find a star party in the U.S. with dark skies and stargazers who enjoy setting up a telescope or binoculars...
November 30, 2021
For the best stargazing, look up for dark skies 
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August 23, 2021
Visit the charming beach towns in Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, Rehobeth Beach and Lewes on the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware...
August 23, 2021
Wide white beaches, high sandy dunes and sunshine make OBX a special place   OBX as it’s called is known
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October 12, 2022
Birds and waterfowl head South from their breeding to wintering ground
November 5, 2021
Essential optics for birders
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July 29, 2022
Brush up on binocular words and jargon with this glossary of definitions unique to the world of binoculars.
August 23, 2021
Need-to-know info about how binoculars work 
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